7 Tips to Zoom Like a Pro

Now that we have transitioned to online video amid the covid-19 pandemic I found myself saying “I love you all but please don’t make me Zoom”.   I know I’m not alone!

Everybody is video chatting now … but some of us hate it and start dreading the call the moment we wake up for the day.

Since we can’t physically be together, our early-morning meetings, schooling, church connects, book clubs, happy hour gatherings, dates, movie nights & even our birthdays now occur on our screens so it would appear that forced separation has made us all giddy for virtual togetherness.

I admit, I’m now getting used to it but for some the mere thought creates anxiety & fear.

Anxiety comes from …

  1. not knowing what to do & feeling awkward
  2. you feel exposed
  3. technology intimidates you

But don’t let anxiety cripple & isolate you by avoiding video. The problem is just going to keep getting worse as more and more people and companies adopt this great technology. So, what can you do to lower the level of anxiety you experience before a Zoom / FaceTime chat or meeting?

Well let’s address those 3 things …

No. 1 – watch a quick video “7 Tips to Zoom like a Pro” I created to help get that sorted (see below on mobile)  ➤

No. 2 – we kinda covered it in the video above but showing up just like you would for a face to face meeting will work.  Fix your hair, put on a bit of colour & something nice on top .. go ahead and wear your pyjama bottoms if it makes you feel more comfortable!  As for your surroundings, just clean up & simplify the area around where you will be videoing so you don’t have to feel like people are seeing into your world (or your home) if you’re not comfortable with that.

No. 3 – Have a Zoom chat or FaceTime with some friends or relatives that you feel more comfortable and relaxed with – a couple folks you trust. Get comfortable with the software, use some of the buttons (try mute, share screen, annotate etc), play around together and start out. This will help your confidence and comfort level  and if you slip up, who cares. Just smile & keep shining like there’s no tomorrow!

Connecting with one another via webcam has become our new ritual now despite video conferencing having already been around a long time, but it’s never been so ubiquitous. Did you know Zoom was downloaded 600,000 times in one week but we’re also using Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, What’s App and others.

However you feel about it, video conferencing could remain popular after we’re no longer in need of social spatial distancing. Now instead of dreading it, I’m simply trying to have fun with it, embrace it, & enjoy what only video chatting can offer.

Once you realise there’s really nothing to worry about, you can jump in that next meeting or chat with enthusiasm & without fear.  Once you decide to shift your mindset and put into play the tips from the video above, you might actually even enjoy it! I hope so!

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