Want to learn how to make your own peel-off DIY beauty mask at home?

diy face mask

This is a multi-purpose mask which helps

A glowing complexion
Removes Blackheads
Deep Cleanses
Tightens your skin/pores
Controls oiliness

It’s natural & cheap and it works!  All you need is one egg white & some tissues.

  1. Take the white of an egg is a small bowl and beat it slightly.
  2. Apply the egg white on your face and neck, avoiding the eye and mouth area.
  3. Take a thin tissue and cut out holes for your mouth, eyes and nose. Place it gently over your egg white brushed face, pat gently. Tear the tissue into smaller pieces and place on your face one by one to cover any areas the full tissue didn’t cover.
  4. Now apply another layer of egg white over tissue and leave it on to dry.
  5. When completely dry, gently peel-off the tissue & tissue pieces in an upward direction from the face. Check out all the blackheads on the tissue …eeek!
  6. Wash off with tepid water and apply a mild moisturiser.

Couple of things to remember …

  • Take off the mask after its completely dry .. you’ll need to be patient because it takes time to dry off completely
  • Use only fresh raw eggs
  • For oily skin use twice in a week and for dry skin use once in a week or twice in 10 days
  • The drying time depends on the season/weather/environment.  Warmish days around 15 mins, cooler days maybe 25-30 mins

Now enjoy your beautiful glowing complexion.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below if you enjoyed using this DIY beauty mask so you can look good in photos

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