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Specially styled photographs with a creative flair with the intention of printing the
final photograph on fine art or large wall art format.

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Step into your own Vanity Fair styled photoshoot & step out with a brand new confidence & the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen of yourself.

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Bin those bad selfies! You need a professional headshot portrait or personal branding for work & social media that you actually love & one that communicates who you are.


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What clients are saying

melbourne beauty & glamour photographer CindyLee


“Amazing Experience”

I can’t thank you enough for today it was truly a amazing experience.  For those few hours I really did feel like like the prettiest girl in the world! Thank you! You are so amazing at what you do you have such a gift. Thank you for holding my hand through it all and all your encouragement and support.



“You are amazing!”

‘Oh my golly gosh!!!!! I have just seen all my photos…holy guacamole woman! You are amazing!!! I don’t even know where to begin saying thank you ? I am blown away. Love you beautiful, thank you, thank you, thank YOUUU xoxoxo’



“You are a blessing”

Thank you so much Cindy for bringing the essence of Anita to the fore with this wonderfully skilled medium. You are a blessing & a minister of God’s love.  With much love and appreciation xo



“I love your work”

I love your work Cindy! You have such an eye for showing off a woman’s true beauty, and honouring it. Onwards and upwards you wonderful woman.

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“I have never felt so pretty”

Pt I: Oh my goshness. I’m really quite emotional about this! Never in my whole life have I ever felt so pretty! I’m the girl with a big heart or who is ‘beautiful on the inside’. I’m not a pretty girl. And that’s totally fine because I accepted that as a teen and moved on. But this makes me cry. So much, because perhaps I really can be pretty on the outside too. Thank you so much for being able to see this in me. And bring it out too.



“I highly recommend Cindy”

Cindy is an amazing photographer who has a fantastic eye for capturing people. She is very creative with her setting up photo shoots and has a flair for creating photos that people cherish. Cindy recently shot a beautiful series of my wife that we both loved. I highly recommend Cindy to anyone considering a photo session.



“The subject, namely me, is lovely!”

Like many of us, I have battled low self esteem for the majority of my life.  As a result I have always struggled with being satisfied or content with what I see of myself either reflected from a mirror image or in a photo. When I saw the pictures you took at the premiere I was delighted.  The more that I look at these beautiful pictures, the more it is dawning on me, not just how lovely they are, (and they are lovely) …but the subject, namely me, is lovely.



“I really can’t find the right words”

: FRICK! I just have to say that you are just so amazing Cindy. I really, really cant find the right words to express how I’m feeling right now! You know I’m the chick with messy hair, jeans & ugg boots on! If Cindy, Katie & Sim can make ME look like this, imagine what they could do for you. xxx

beauty & glamour photographer Melbourne


“The photoshoot was so empowering, such a gift”

I turn 30 tomorrow and I can’t even express how wonderful it feels to have done my makeover shoot last week, a true celebration, an end of an era and beginning of a new chapter. I am a little emotional about turning 30, my 20?s have been hard work. The photoshoot was so empowering, such a gift!  It was all randomly meant to be.  I cannot  thank you enough Cindy you have been amazing through the whole process!   Your work is truly stunning you are so talented! Can’t wipe the smile off my face today I was overwhelmed  with how great they are!   Thank you again so much for being so fabulous your a gem x



“I think I’m going to happy faint”

I’m crying crying crying!!! This is the bestest. My heart is pounding like crazy and I think I’m going to happy faint. I NEED to hug you big time. Oh how I love it!!! 




Oh wow … Cindy, you are sensational!  Again, thank you for your energy, passion, talent and the way you made all of us feel so beautiful. Michael’s comment was ‘Wooooahhhh!’ xx



“I’m still shaking my head in awe”

Cindy you NEVER cease to amaze me!! you have to be the most talented person I know! you truly rock the photography world lady. I’m still shaking my head in awe! xx



“That was truly amazing, so precious”

Oh my word Cindy there are just no words to describe just how talented you are, that was truly amazing so so precious, thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxx



“Thank you for making me feel so beautiful”

I am still on a high after my photoshoot.  I had such an amazing time and enjoyed the beauty of being vulnerable worthy and special. THANK YOU!  I CAN NOT find the words to tell you enough how richly you have blessed me. Again THANK YOU!  I keep looking at my glamorous photographs and literally get tears in my eyes, thank you for making me feel so beautiful, it has been an amazing experience that just keeps on going. I seriously can not say enough about what an impact you have had in my life.



I invite you to a portrait experience with me. It’s time for you to exist in photos for your children & for everyone
who loves you. Create a legacy of beautiful portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime


I invite you to a portrait experience with me. It’s time for you to exist in photos for your children & for everyone
who loves you. Create a legacy of beautiful portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime

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Displaying your beautiful fine art portraits will fill the home you cherish with signature heirloom artworks made with museum quality that will be there for the next generation. These portraits aren’t just for us. They are for our children and our grandchildren, to cherish and hold dear when they are grown and outlast our lifetime.

Melbourne Photographer CindyLee Portrait


Cindy is an award winning Melbourne portrait photographer, experienced in ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine styled photos for everyday people which she has cultivated through years of photography, design & creative indulgence and a love for people.


CindyLee Portrait is a luxury portrait photography studio creating gorgeous, timeless & elegant portraits

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