Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-19T12:05:20+10:00


How do I book a portrait session2021-03-19T11:56:42+10:00

Contact me, I’d love to talk about ideas and availability! To book your session a non-refundable session retainer will be required to reserve your date.   Details will accompany your contact response.

How much should I budget for a custom photoshoot?2021-04-23T23:05:40+10:00

A Session Retainer Fee of $500 is due at booking. This includes pre-session consultation, professional hair and makeup for one, styling consultation, fully guided photoshoot and photo reveal purchasing session pls one beautiful 8×10″ printed & matted portrait with digital file of your choice. We require this at the time of booking to lock-in your date and time of your photoshoot.

Images are purchased separately and are not included in the session fee. Portraits start at $450 on the wall and go up from there, my Portrait Collections start at $1500 and go up from there. Each client has different product needs from albums to wall art but the average client spends $3 – 8K. The final portrait purchases are your choice. There is no hard sell. It’s my job to take photographs of you that you LOVE so you want them all!

What is included in my contemporary portrait session2021-03-19T12:08:53+10:00

Your contemporary portrait session includes:

  • A Zoom/Facetime/Skype or phone meeting to get to know you better and prepare you for your photoshoot
  • Professional hair and make-up styling
  • An unforgettable photo experience to do at least once in your life
  • A personalized unveiling session, the “Premiere Reveal” to discover your beautiful images fully retouched
  • Opportunity to purchase your beautiful custom designed legacy display products
Do you shoot on weekends?2021-03-19T12:02:56+10:00

No, I’m sorry we are closed on Saturdays & Sundays

Who gets luxury glamour images done?2021-03-19T12:02:35+10:00

Anyone who wants beautiful images made for themselves or their special loved ones. Any reason just to celebrate you, reconnect with the incredible person you are, celebrate a milestone or as a gift for someone you love.

Regardless of age or body type, we specialise in offering all women an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal collection of stunning, modern magazine styled portraits. While our sessions are designed to create a personal experience to cherish for a lifetime & are truly designed for you, they will also become your legacy portraits that you will be remembered by. So celebrate being YOU and let us create images that highlight your individual personality and beauty.

I’m nervous, what is it like?2021-03-19T12:02:15+10:00

It is normal for you to feel nervous leading up to and before your session. We will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and guide you all the way through – I promise you, you’re safe hands!

Feel free to let us know your favourite music and we can have it playing to help you feel right at home.  By the end of the session, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t want it to end!

How far in advance should I book?2021-03-19T12:00:50+10:00

Sessions should be booked no earlier than 2 weeks in advance but I prefer at least 4 weeks so that we can properly plan out your shoot and be sure that you have plenty of options for current availability.  For maternity clients I strongly suggest booking your session in advance to shoot between 27-34 weeks. If you absolutely have an emergency, please just reach out and I can see if I can accommodate you.

Headshot sessions generally have at least a 2 week waiting list, however if you’re need is urgent please contact me and I can see if I can accommodate you.

I feel self conscious about my body, what should I do?2021-03-19T11:57:53+10:00

I completely understand wanting to look your very best. The last thing I want you to worry about is not looking good or overweight or underweight or any of the concerns you may have.  I will strategically pose and light you in ways that will be flattering to you to highlight the things you love and hide the things you don’t.  It works for young and old, all shapes and sizes, while we work on shining & showing back to you your inner beauty!

I have never had a woman walk in saying “now that I’m perfect, it’s time for a shoot”.  The women on my website are all real women.  Trust me, you’re in good hands and you will love your portraits.  Here are some before & after transformation images & words of praise from past clients.

How far ahead should I book my photoshoot?2021-03-19T11:58:35+10:00

We are currently booking 3 months out

I don’t have anything to wear2021-03-19T12:02:49+10:00

Don’t worry, with your booking you receive complimentary wardrobe consultation. We will go through what to wear, what looks good in photos and I have some Pinterest boards with ideas for you or we can even get creative on the day.

How do I prepare for the session?2021-03-19T12:01:54+10:00

We highly recommend setting aside some time and find a secluded room, turn up the music and have a play with posing & ideas you might have so you’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera. You might like to also consider in preparation for your shoot hair touch-ups, waxing, eyebrow shaping, manicure, pedicure and moisturizing (don’t forget your feet!) … these are all very important in getting the best images you will be happy with.

Drink LOTS of water the week prior to hydrate your skin. Get enough rest and eat something before the shoot so you don’t get light-headed from the adrenaline rush of such a fun shoot.

Wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments before your session so that you don’t have red marks & indentations on your skin. Choose outfits that you like and make you feel good.  Baggy clothes can be very unflattering & awkward so we recommend form fitting clothes.  Don’t worry we know how to shape light & bodies to bring out what you love and hide what you don’t.

How many outfits should I choose?2021-03-19T12:01:48+10:00

We will probably only get to 3 (possibly 4) outfits, however it’s good to have options so bring a few. You never know what you might decide to wear at the last minute. Colours are great and give a nice variety of looks to your final images.

We will go over the clothing with you and decide which will be best for your session at our Zoom/FaceTime/Skype call. Wear the outfit you feel most comfortable in first. I always recommend to Bring a strapless bra & nude underwear as we’ll most likely get creative.

Can I bring a friend?2021-03-19T12:01:40+10:00

You are welcome to bring a friend if you feel that she will help you to feel more comfortable, but we do highly recommend that you come alone. Most women will feel self-conscious if someone they know is watching the session, and generally you will feel more free if you aren’t being watched by others.

Can a friend and I have our sessions on the same day?2021-03-19T12:01:31+10:00

Of course! Just let us know you’d like to do a session together so we can work it into the schedule!

I don’t know how to pose2021-03-19T12:00:44+10:00

You’re in safe hands then!  Pretty much every person you see on our website told us this during our initial chat. The good thing is it’s not your job to know how to model.

Our photoshoots are fully guided. You don’t need to know how to pose, it’s my job as a professional photographer to put you in natural and believable poses that bring out the best in you.

What if I never look good in photos and feel awkward in front of the camera?2021-03-19T12:00:39+10:00

It’s absolutely normal to feel nervous about having your photos done.  If you don’t know what to do and find it hard to relax, it can surely result in awkward photos but our process in personalised to your needs and we chat with you before your photoshoot to break the ice and to hear about your needs and concerns so we can achieve great results!

Photography is an art and through the right use of light, angles, lenses and guidance, we can capture beautiful authentic photos of you.  We work together as a team to make you look good.  You bring your happy, committed self and I’ll bring the expertise and finesse.

What about hair and makeup for Headshots?2021-03-19T12:00:34+10:00

Usually men don’t need hair and makeup, however, it is available upon request for an additional fee. For Women, hair and makeup is always available for an additional fee and recommended, however you are welcome to do your own. 

Can I just get digitals?2021-03-19T12:03:13+10:00

Digitals and prints are the same price. Each image you purchase comes with its corresponding digital.

Who will photograph my session?2021-03-19T12:02:26+10:00

All our sessions are photographed by our friendly female artisans exclusively.

I have chosen my photos, when can we expect to receive my prints or products?2021-03-19T12:01:13+10:00

We ask that you expect to wait around 3 weeks for delivery of your images once ordered. We understand clients are keen to get their purchases, but it is important not to rush this process and in most part we are dependant on the time schedule of our product suppliers. We inspect every single image to make sure everything is perfect. If it isn’t, we will have it re-done before you even see it. We want your final products to be amazing. Signature Heirloom Boxes can take 3-4 weeks, Canvas & Wall Art can take up to 4 weeks and Albums can take up to 6-8 weeks.

Can I purchase gift certificates?2021-03-19T11:57:30+10:00

A gift certificate from us is a perfect gift for anyone who is special to you. It is a celebration of who they are, and everything that is wonderful and perfect about them. We’ll even have your gift card specialty wrapped for you!  You’ll find them in our store

Do you offer payment plans?2021-03-19T11:58:24+10:00

Yes, we do offer payment plan options.

What exactly is Custom Portraiture?2021-03-19T12:01:24+10:00

Custom Portraiture is more than your usual shopping centre photography experience, it is the investment in individually created fine art created by a visual artist. This type of Portrait Photography is individually tailored to each client and each image, from the location chosen, to the selection of clothing and the intensive handcrafting of digital images into fine art that you will be proud to hang on your walls for generations to come. Custom Portraiture photographers spend a lot of time on each and every client unlike your shopping centre photographer and gives the client an experience they treasure.

Why are Custom Portraiture Prints more expensive?2021-03-19T12:01:19+10:00

The process that each image goes through before being printed takes time & commitment to detail, so we charge accordingly for this service. This is why there is such a big price difference between taking a digital negative to your local neighborhood photo lab and a professional lab.

The professional lab that our studio uses has processing that is carefully matched to our workflow and guarantees colour, crispness, archival quality & longevity that local labs can’t. You are paying for the time it takes us to carefully finish and retouch the image so that it is a piece of art that you will be proud to display in your home and will stand the test of time.

Our professional lab can guarantee the longevity & protection of images by providing quality archival prints specially treated & mounted so they won’t perish or fade like inferior prints you’ll get from your local kiosk.

It has taken me many years to choose just the right products for our clients. It is important to me that you end up with tangible high quality products. All our products are custom designed to suit the personal taste of each and every client and are hand crafted from the highest quality materials guaranteed to last.

Will my images be shown on your website or in your studio ?2021-03-19T12:01:07+10:00

The images shown on our website, social media and in studio displays are shown with the client’s permission only. You will be given an opportunity to sign a model release form that is completely voluntary to sign. If you choose not to sign the release, your images will not be seen by anyone other than employees of our studio & lab. We fully understand and respect that many of our clients do not want their images shown.

What photography gear do you use?2021-03-19T11:58:12+10:00

We only use professional camera equipment for Professional Photographers.  We use Nikon cameras & lenses.  We are always endeavoring to keep our equipment up-to-date with the latest technology so we can provide the best possible photos for our clients.  Here is a link to all the photography tools & resources we use my favourite photo editing software.

Late & No Show Policy2021-03-19T12:03:42+10:00

Our time is valuable, and so is yours. If you’re late for an appointment, you lose that time. If you don’t show, you’ll still be charged in full. In turn, we promise to honour our appointments and be on time as well. This affects how many other clients we can take on.

Refund Policy2021-03-19T11:57:03+10:00

Once you receive your products & digital images that you purchase, please know there is a no exchange and no refund policy.

Do you teach people how to take photos like you?2021-03-19T12:00:58+10:00

This is a question that we receive quite alot and whilst Cindy has conducted workshops in the past, she is currently not offering any workshops.

I have a question that isn’t listed above.
If your question is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to speak with you on an individual basis.

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