Beloved : Simon & Belinda

Simon & Bel have a fairytale story of how they met. It's a truly beautiful tale and gave me goosebumps when they shared it with us. They chose to celebrate the wonderful news of their engagement with a 'Beloved' shoot and it was more than evident the love they share. Set on the beautiful Glenelg [...]

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How to look slimmer in photos

Why do celebrities always strike a pose when faced with a camera? ... because they know how to appear up to 5kg slimmer with the right pose. 5  effective secrets to looking great in photos: #1   Turn partially sideways to the camera and place one foot in front of the other. Point your toe towards [...]

Adelaide Wedding : David & Shara

Shara is a girl after my own heart ...you see we both love all things shiny and she certainly did not disappoint. One look at her shoes and you'll know what I mean! We had a beautiful day sharing in the wedding celebration of David & Shara surrounded by wonderful family & friends.  As equally [...]

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Maslins Beach Wedding : Matt & Eden

The sky was blue & calm, the wind gentle and peaceful, the ocean flowing free but still so powerful ... all these elements beautifully reflecting the wedding celebration about to happen of two young loves. At both homes preparations were underway for the day ahead ... calmness, gentleness, peacefulness, flowed. A far cry from many [...]

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Make Your Memories Unforgettable!

"A birth certificate shows you were born, a death certificate shows you have died, a photo album shows you have lived!" I believe that the "digital revolution" has reached a new level of maturity. The "general public", from their own experience, now understands the importance of taking a digital photo file through to a printed [...]

Adelaide Wedding : Andre & Sheila

A celebration of two cultures intermixed.   The colours vibrant, the dresses exquisite, the surroundings serene & peaceful. Nestled in the picturesque grounds of Serafino McLaren Vale was the beautiful & colourful wedding of Andre & Sheila who celebrated their union with family & friends.    Despite the often gloomy weather overhead with sneaky appearances [...]

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Middleton Wedding : Travis & Samara

Travis & Samara's Middleton Wedding was held on a gorgeous bright, warm, sunny day at the lovely Blues Restaurant in Middleton.  A gorgeous little place with beautiful grounds & lots of opportunity for creative photos (even of the non-wedding kind). The wedding day preparations began in stunning beachfront houses with spectacular sea views.   I arrived [...]

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Fierce, Fun & Gorgeous!

[photo_frame frame_style="border"]http://www.cindylee.co/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/adelaide-portrait-photographer-0759.jpg[/photo_frame] I've been biting at the bit waiting to photograph these sisters ... and let me say, they did not disappoint! They knew just how to 'bring it' and the camera loves them. It's so good sometimes just to be able to shoot without directing all the way .. enjoying photographing & being creative [...]

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