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August ‘Photo a Day’ | Wk4

The final week of our Coastlens "August Photo a Day" challenge.  Enjoy!!   Day 21 | Seeing Light Light refractions. The world really is full of colour & light. Day 21 | Seeing Light   Day 22 | Can't Live Without I would be totally lost without my husband and beautiful kidlets but I truly [...]

August ‘Photo a Day’ | Wk3

Without further ado, here is Week 3 of our Coastlens "August Photo a Day" challenge.  Enjoy!!   Day 14 | Shadows "Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us." ~ Samuel Smiles Day 14 | Shadows   Day 15 | Free Play A quick [...]

August ‘Photo a Day’ | Wk2

So without further ado, here is Week 2 of our Coastlens "August Photo a Day" challenge.  Enjoy!!   Day 6 | Happiness is ... For me it's the knowledge & assurance that I am the King's daughter. That He knows me intimately. He knows my weaknesses & my flaws and yet He loves me unconditionally [...]

August ‘Photo a Day’ | Wk1

I always love a challenge so I was eagerly looking forward to August when Coastlens, a Photography Collective I co-lead, was undertaking a 'Photo a Day' challenge together. Well August is here so I've decided rather than post everyday I'll post once a week with the images I've taken during the week.  Each day has [...]

Advice for starting a photography business

I often get emails & messages from photographers looking for advice, so I've had in the back of my mind to write some general information ... then I found that Shannon Holden had already written an informative article which perfectly sums it up. I get several emails and phone calls each month from aspiring photographers looking [...]