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How to look slimmer in photos

Why do celebrities always strike a pose when faced with a camera? ... because they know how to appear up to 5kg slimmer with the right pose. 5  effective secrets to looking great in photos: #1   Turn partially sideways to the camera and place one foot in front of the other. Point your toe towards [...]

Make Your Memories Unforgettable!

"A birth certificate shows you were born, a death certificate shows you have died, a photo album shows you have lived!" I believe that the "digital revolution" has reached a new level of maturity. The "general public", from their own experience, now understands the importance of taking a digital photo file through to a printed [...]

Advice for starting a photography business

I often get emails & messages from photographers looking for advice, so I've had in the back of my mind to write some general information ... then I found that Shannon Holden had already written an informative article which perfectly sums it up. I get several emails and phone calls each month from aspiring photographers looking [...]

Did you know?

[column size="one_half" is_last="false"][dropcap text_color="#ffffff" background_color="#86879c"]D[/dropcap]id you know only 30% of couples getting married hire a professional photographer, this means 70% of couples are entrusting the memories of their weddings to a friend or family member. Did you know that family photos are the most precious memory for your kids, especially little ones  They love to [...]

Wanted: Wedding Photographer with The Credentials of Annie Leibovitz and the Price Tag Of Wal-Mart

The Value of Hiring a Professional Photographer Sadly, I have spoken to many past brides who have been deeply disappointed by their wedding photos (me included) and have realised the value in hiring a professional photographer.  Every one of them has said if they had to do it all again .. "that's the one thing [...]

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Why Choose a Professional Photographer?

[dropcap text_color="#ffffff" background_color="#5f5670"]I[/dropcap]  am often asked "why choose between spending money on professional photography or taking your own shots when digital cameras have made photography so accessible now" especially during these economic times? This is an excerpt from an amazing author, Marianne Drenthe which perfectly sums up my response.  I wanted to share this for [...]

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