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August ‘Photo a Day’ | Wk1

I always love a challenge so I was eagerly looking forward to August when Coastlens, a Photography Collective I co-lead, was undertaking a ‘Photo a Day’ challenge together.

Well August is here so I’ve decided rather than post everyday I’ll post once a week with the images I’ve taken during the week.  Each day has a new theme so I try to explain my ‘story’ behind my thought processes in capturing it.

These challenges are both fun and stretching …my goal is to not only improve my photography, but to really stretch myself with creative concepts, untapped mediums & pushing my skills, knowledge & camera as much as I can.

So without further ado here is Week 1 …


Day 1 | Everyday

Everyday when I return home from the school run I sit for a moment and watch as the light hits a little pocket of our garden on the lavender bush. Today I noticed some visitors and hope that they heralded the great news of spring approaching.

As I was shooting I took a moment to watch as the bees hurriedly went about their business with a sense of purpose and I was reminded of how we each have a destiny to fulfill .. our purpose here on earth. Today I pray we each walk in our destiny and discover what exciting things it’s brings.

#Everyday #coastlensaug2012
lavender, bees, everyday

Day 1 | Everyday


Day 2 | Window

After spending the day waiting in the hospital for Liam’s fractured thumb I missed my idea for today so on the way home I had another 2 ideas. One was a fabulous little shop called ‘junktion‘ that just opened around the corner run by a dear friend and the other was .. well it was a good idea but rock, paper, scissors landed on this image .. so here it is.

#window #coastlensaug2012

window, cannister, vintage

Day 2 | Window


Day 3 | Believe

I wish I could ‘believe’ in myself the way I believe in others.

Instead some days are filled with cloudy thoughts of self doubt, disappointment & the occasional despair .. if I let them. But each day I choose to make a choice to want to believe in myself and although the journey is slow and sometimes takes a few steps backwards, I’m moving forward and embracing who I am.

But this is me. Hiding ‘behind’ my camera, my cloudy thoughts, my love for sparkly things & the colour purple and how I choose to BELIEVE that I can bring something wonderful into the lives of other women & make a difference somehow.

#believe #coastlensaug2012

self image, self doubt, acceptance, believ

Day 3 | Believe


Day 4 | Blue

Minty fresh!  Yep, toothpaste … did you guess?

#blue #coastlensaug2012

toothpaste, minty fresh, macro, blue

Day 4 | Blue


Day 5 | Delicious!

Busy, busy day but I got there in the end.  Strawberries .. most delicious!!!

#strawberries #coastlensaug2012

strawberry, water, splash

Day 5 | Delicious!


You can follow daily Coastlens August Photo a Day submissions and I’ll be posting my images from this week next Sunday.

Have a great week!

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  1. Alex Anderson August 5, 2012 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    I simply love your work, love your talent and I’m proud to call you my friend.

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